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Google Shopping

List your products immediately with Google Shopping straight from Instantcart. Our automatic feeds send your products to Google daily, allowing you to target shoppers and bring them back to your store.

Google Shopping

List on Kelkoo and Pricegrabber

List your products on Pricegrabber and Kelkoo via built in FTP feeds. Getting started is fairly easy, simply sign-up to either Pricegrabber or Kelkoo, enter your payment details and budget and you'll be presented with an FTP account to upload to!

Export Newsletter signups

Instantcart lets you export newsletter signups to a csv file which you can import straight into your favourite mail program.

Export newsletters

Powerful SEO to help you grow

Instantcart lets you modify page titles, meta data, urls for products, categories and web pages, allowing you to fine tune your site to make the most of Google. Become an SEO guru today with Instantcart.

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